Leelanau County Construction by Harbor Construction CONTACT Charlie Reinertson

Charlie Reinertson is an experienced, licensed building contractor. He has completed apprenticeships in both masonry and carpentry. He is also a graduate of Ferris State University with a degree in Building Construction Technology. Charlie works on the job each day along with skilled tradesmen to insure a quality product.

Harbor Construction has a full range of staff, with many years of site work, masonry, framing and finish carpentry experience.

We begin a home by being involved in the design stage. We do our own estimating and keep each project within the owner’s budget. Because of our low overhead and in-house personnel, we are able to be very competitive.

Leelanau County Construction

We layout the location for a home, set elevations, and are personally involved in footings and foundations. Framing is done within tight tolerances and we follow through each phase of construction with the best subcontractors available.

We understand how personal, yet challenging a building project can be. We strive to maintain open communication with our clients regarding choices and the understanding of the building process. We have developed long-lasting friendships with many of our clients and would be happy to provide references.

Leelanau County Construction

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Leeleanau_Peninsula_Chamber_of_Commerce_logoHarbor Construction is a proud member of The Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce.

The Leelanau Peninsula Chamber of Commerce has the mission of enhancing the economic well being of Tourism, Business, Industry, Agriculture, and the Arts, while striving to preserve the amenities of the Leelanau Peninsula. The Chamber also acts as the Visitor Information Center for Leelanau County providing visitors, residents and people interested in relocating their home or business with any information they may need, including Leelanau County Construction.